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We are A-INSIGHTS and we believe in the power of objective information

In a world awash with publicly available data, we are an advanced data-analysis company providing objective insights and overviews that help companies and organisations grow by making decisions based on fact, not assumptions.

We are on a mission to empower our clients with accurate insights to take on their challenges and realize their future ambitions: to help them to be in the know. And we are also a team of smart and motivated people who can help you get ahead.


Our story

Our story began in 2009 when founders Jeroen Lustig and Bart Zirschky discovered there was a growing demand for objectified data analysis. Both still at university then, they did some freelance work for key decision-makers in Food & Agriculture; gathering publicly available market data online, analysing it and summarising their findings in graphically insightful reports. Turns out that experience and gut instinct were fast going out of fashion. And with a growing amount of public data becoming available, they were onto something good....

Turning their work into a standardised, easy to access online product, their startup soon became a scaleup, servicing the Food & Agri industry and adding the Public & Health sector to their client base. Seeing the opportunity, outside investors came on board, further professionalising the company with a team of highly skilled people. We are a fast-growing company, servicing ever more organisations and sectors of economic and public interest and expanding across Europe. Just going by the facts, even we can’t deny we’re still on to something good!

Our goal is to set the international standard for objective company performance insights based on publicly available data. Our purpose is to use this to create a better functioning economy, where we reduce the hidden slack of inferior decision making. Because we believe that better decision making reduces waste in the widest sense of the word, and with the transparency we bring we also further fuel that towards sustainable practices and a better future for our society and planet.

Our Core Values


We are dedicated the highest level of detail and reliability of data, so we can provide you with an unrivalled quality of insights. We only use primary sources and spend as much manual time as necessary for cleaning and enriching our data, not to speak of the rigor of our analysis process.


You can always trust us to be 100% objective. In fact, we actually enjoy pushing ourselves to find those insights that really challenge your thinking, that make a profound impact on your next course of action.


We truly believe there is no limit to what you can achieve, when we got your facts figures out for you. If the data tell us so, we are restless in convincing you that you can raise the bar of your own ambitions. The same goes for ourselves.

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