The future of Agri Food:
shaping the agri food industry of tomorrow

Over the last few decades, the agri food industry has developed from solely serving a regional market into serving a global market. As a result, agri food companies have not only seen their market grow exponentially, but also noticed the number of competitors increasing. Due to this global landscape, the agri food market is constantly shifting and adapting to the ever-changing market needs.

On this page, we will take a closer look at both the challenges the agri food industry faces today, as well as the trends that are shaping the agri food industry and its subsections — dairy, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and bakery - of tomorrow.

Trends and problems
within the agriculture food sector

The Agri Food sector works to solve one of the worlds biggest challenges: providing a sustainable food supply to an increasing population. Food demand is expected to increase anywhere between 59% to 98% by 2050 (source). This will shape agricultural markets in ways we have not seen before. What are currently the most pressing challenges the sector faces, and what upcoming trends will define its future?

Valuable business insights for Agri Food companies
with the help of A-INSIGHTS

At A-INSIGHTS, we understand that the amount of data available about the agri food industry is overwhelming. A study of McKinsey (2019) shows that despite acknowledging the changes data and analytics are bringing to their industries, ‘many companies are still responding to these shifts with ad hoc initiatives, rather than through long-term strategic adjustments that are required for sustainable success.’

Most agri food companies realize they need to start leveraging this data to stay ahead of the competition. However, the best way to start is often unclear. How do you know what data is available? And, more importantly, which data is relevant and trustworthy? This page explains how we can help you retrieve valuable business insights from data on the agri food industry.

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