Valuable business insights for agri food companies
with help of A-INSIGHTS

At A-INSIGHTS, we understand that the amount of data available about the agri food industry is overwhelming. A study of McKinsey (2019) shows that despite acknowledging the changes data and analytics are bringing to their industries, ‘many companies are still responding to these shifts with ad hoc initiatives, rather than through long-term strategic adjustments that are required for sustainable success.’

Most agri food companies realize they need to start leveraging this data to stay ahead of the competition. However, the best way to start is often unclear. How do you know what data is available? And, more importantly, which data is relevant and trustworthy? This page explains how we can help you retrieve valuable business insights from data on the agri food industry.

Which tools do you need to perform business analysis
in agri food?

To ensure that data can support agri food companies in making the right strategic decisions, they need tools to provide them with insights on three different levels.

  • Benchmarking
    First, benchmarking will help you determine what your position in the market is, how this position is developing and where opportunities and threats might arise.

  • Company analysis
    Secondly, a company analysis will help you to zoom in deeper and fathom the effect of strategic choices.

  • Industry / market analysis
    At last, an industry or market analysis will help you evaluate your current position within the industry and the development of that position in an objective way. It enables you to determine where growth opportunities are and which marketers are saturated. An industry or market analysis allows you to create plans of attacks to current and new markets and quickly anticipate changes within the market.

Overall, to fully leverage data to your advantage, you will need tooling that supports you on all three levels. However, the primary purpose of an analytics tool is to generate actionable insights from the data for you. It is freeing you from data crunching while empowering you in your strategic decision-making.

Perform business analysis fast and thoroughly
with the Agri Food analysis tools from A-INSIGHTS

Enabling you to extract actionable insights from your data quickly and efficiently is our most important goal. That's why we've created tools that do the data crunching for you. The only thing that you'll have to do is use the valuable insights the tools provide you with to make better-informed business decisions.

A-INSIGHTS offers food and agri companies the Performance Monitor Tool. With three levels of insights you have the option to know alot, know more or know it all.

  • Company benchmark & monitor. Know alot:
    You always have access to a core set of KPIs on your competitors, suppliers or buyers with our (interactive) benchmark. For decision-makers in large organizations aiming to integrate data in decision-making on a structural basis.

  • In Depth Company Benchmarking. Know more:
    Quickly obtain an objective overview of your 15 main competitors and partners with the indepth company benchmarking tool. Perfect for directors and C-level management to support strategic plans.

  • Market monitor
    Continuously monitor (potential) sales markets with this interactive dashboard for market trends and developments. Ideal for (sales) managers looking at growth opportunities. This product add on is available for several sectors.

How A-INSIGHTS aims to empower
the Agri Food industry

To make sure every agri food company can start leveraging data to their advantage, we’ve created a set of easy-to-use tools that empower agri food companies in making data-driven business decisions.

From our Amsterdam office, we provide data-driven insights to companies and organizations in Food & Agricultural. Both domestically and abroad. Not only do we visualize and provide access to a large amount of publicly available competitor and market data. We transform data into value for our customers by providing them with factual information and actionable insights to help them in the process of reaching their strategic goals and ambitions.

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